Years have passed since the attack on Washington DC but questions still remain about operation Vanguard/the Matthews incident. The FBI mobilizes a small team of investigators to track down and interview whiteness and those that were involved in Vanguard.  This is that documentary, the full story of what made Vanguard. The puzzle of who Brigadier General Matthews was comes together to show how such a tragic event could have been devised by one man. What causes a highly decorated and respected Marine to become one of the United States most infamous homeland terrorists?

Interview after interview is conducted, slowly and slowly stripping away the hidden secrets into the motivations behind Operation Vanguard and the mysterious mind that is General Matthews. Was General Matthews unstable, was General Matthews mad with power, or was General Matthews just a misunderstood paragon. The facts that we all knew about operation Vanguard gets tested and holes develop and what we as a country thought really happened.

Hear the true life account of agent Aries as he searches the White House for President Howell, a story told millions of times around the world; finally being told by the hero himself. Hear the history of the executioner, Joseph Witlit told by former colleague and brother in arms like never told before. Read the clips of the countries most famous newspapers about true life people in DC as Vanguard was unfolding.

And for the first time ever, read a copy of general Matthews manifesto! Experience for yourself the full story brought to you personally from the hand written letter. Look into Matthews own words of why he led Vanguard and the future Matthews hoped for.

Operation vanguard, we all saw it on television but did we get the whole story?